Southern souls

You may want to go here to see two videos that stand-up guy, Mitch Fillion made of the Phonemes for his Southern Souls video project.  There are many many great performances on his site so enjoy taking a gander throughout.

Also exciting is that one of the videos features a brand new song called “Sunday morning, sacred heart” from the upcoming new album entitled “The Vanishing Point”.


More Recording…

Low on the public performances.  High on the private musings and tape recording. Getting ready for spring.


Debut show: New Year’s Eve 2009.

Live wire

Lots of live show activity this coming week!  On Tuesday and Wednesday Magali plays solo at Johan Hultqvist’s monthly FREE SPEECH salon and at the last (for 2009) of Graham Wagner & Becky Johnson’s Iron Cobra comedy and improv show at the Comedy Bar.

On Thursday she is joined by John Tielli and Stephanie Markowitz at the Gladstone for a FREE show with Michelle Mcadorey and Betty Burke presented by Blocks Recording Club.  

Get all of the show details here!

Watch out for lightning!

This Friday, it’ll be like this, except that you will be where I am sitting and I will serenade you with Phonemes songs and John Tielli will be there singing Metal Kites and we’ll sing together too. This Friday at the Holy Oak on Bloor Street close to Lansdowne in Toronto. 


This Friday, February 23rd at the Holy Oak

This Friday, February 23rd at the Holy Oak

bxp27945Today’s meeting with Jamie Bunton over spaghetti and tomato sauce results in full stomachs and a solid plan.  Can’t wait to get started on the new song series.  Mostly about Jack: husband, father, QC, lover of spirits and wine, sweet pickles and fried onions.   More on that later… 

For now, it’s all about practicing to the click, becoming blind with the time, just going to wear it like a coat.