Sometimes it is quiet

Sometimes it is quiet but there is activity at the cellular level.

Ribbon Rail Review

poster by emma segal

Grey Wolf

Just arrived in Vancouver after 5 days of van travel with fellow Sheezer bandmates Lysh and Dana and Born Ruffian, Andy.  We saw a total of 3 grey wolves.  None of us had ever seen a wolf before. Benefited from the power of a certain online deal-finding website when we got to Banff to our 3 star hotel, outdoor hot tub and mountain view for the price of a motel 6.  Arrived alive to a home cooked meal of pasta courtesy of Laura and Ajay.  Nothing better than the feeling that you are home.

Sheezer tour dates with Born Ruffians start on Tuesday.  Find out more here!

New Year

Happy New Year everyone! Little beings pulling levers and pushing buttons behind the scenes will reveal some activity this winter time and more in the spring. Looking forward to January/February dates with Betty Burke in southern Ontario and some very exciting spring time touring planning going on. Until then, just taking our vitamins and kissing snowflakes!

Snowflake magnified and photographed by Wilson Bentley, circa 1885



Playing the Outsiders showcase at the OCFF in Ottawa this weekend!


Back from touring the western part of Canada we drove from Winnipeg to Toronto in a day and a half. Tires were punctured, fingers injured, tail pipes fell off, clothing and electronics stolen, vistas eyed, new pals and old pals, the number of sunflower seeds consumed cannot be calculated. Here is a picture of a happier moment on the road. Things will be slowing down in terms of live shows so that I can focus on recording but not before a show in Toronto opening for Fiery Furnaces!! Check out the shows page for more details!!

Happy Times, Bruno, SK

Prairie Dog meets Bear

On the shores of the Pacific, through the mountains and across the prairies a new song will be heard!  The Phonemes and Metal Kites are teaming up for a tour across western Canada in June.  Show dates are coming together and you can get all of the details by clicking here!  Wooee!

Southern souls

You may want to go here to see two videos that stand-up guy, Mitch Fillion made of the Phonemes for his Southern Souls video project.  There are many many great performances on his site so enjoy taking a gander throughout.

Also exciting is that one of the videos features a brand new song called “Sunday morning, sacred heart” from the upcoming new album entitled “The Vanishing Point”.

More Recording…

Low on the public performances.  High on the private musings and tape recording. Getting ready for spring.


Debut show: New Year’s Eve 2009.